"I just wanted to say you have a very efficient professional staff. They came to my neighborhood after we were without power for 3 days. They cleaned up a bad mess quickly. I talked to them and they were friendly and helpful. I am a former Georgia Power Employee of 18 yrs. and just wanted to say thanks!"

About Power Delivery Alliance and our Powerline Restoration and Rapid Response Services

Power Delivery Alliance launched in 2010 specializing in rapid power and powerline restoration following storms, emergencies and other disasters. Our staff and partners continue to collaborate and innovate as our expertise grows through a deliberate strategy to serve you via a team with diverse experience and history in the industry.

We have created a close knit association that mobilizes on a dime and brings thousands of resources to bear in an emergency situation. Our partners are often overlooked as national responders due to size. PDA brings them together to deliver you a unified, one-call, emergency workforce that is available 24/7/365 – unlike many of the larger contractors. We are prepared to assist you with everything from your initial damage assessment to the long-term endeavor of bringing your facilities back to industry standards after power is restored.

Since inception we have brought thousands of resources to bear to successfully assist a wide range of utilities across the United Sates following numerous and varied disasters. We specialize in bringing you a broad array of capabilities all focused on helping you restore power to your customers as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.